A Stitch in my Free Time

No matter your age, status in life, accomplishments at work, there is always a reason to learn new things. Sometimes these things relate to what people do in their spare time as crafts, hobbies, pastimes, and more. They are things you do in your youth, for example, that you may not have time for in adulthood. I would most definitely include sports in this giant category of new things to learn and practice. You might have missed out when you were in school and find that it is now or never to indulge. I was pondering this state of affairs in my life as semester break was fast approaching. I was not leaving town or considering a vacation. I didn’t have a backlog of work to catch up on. I wanted to learn to do something new that pertained to some matters at hand—the fact that I need new curtains. The obvious answer is to learn to use a sewing machine. I would learn to stitch in my free time.

I have been wanting to make the curtains for a while now having looked at ready-made goods in the department store. I didn’t see the fabric I wanted nor the size. Curtains and drapes come in fixed measurements so if your space diverges, you are out of luck. You would have to spend the money to have them altered, and who needs that extra expense for no reason. If you have two hands, you can learn to sew, so I am told. I decided to go to the fabric store and take lessons on a basic Singer sewing machine designed for beginners. It was a class for beginners. We learned how to thread the machine and make bobbins with matching thread. We learned the different ways to adjust the stitch size and direction and how to operate the foot peddle. It all was fairly simple at the beginner level. I wasn’t going to have to do a stretch stitch, which can be tricky, or put in a zipper. Maybe later in due time if the curtain project was a success I would make some clothing. Mostly because I was enjoying my newfound hobby.

After a few lessons, I felt ready to roll. I bought the fabric of my choice and measured it perfectly with the help of the expert store clerk. I didn’t know that fabric comes in different widths so all you have to do is pick the right one and do a little math. I have to tell you that cutting the fabric was a breeze. You do it when it is folded over so it goes fast. Curtains need a hem at the bottom and a casing at the top if you are going to use a rod. If you want to get fancy, you can hand sew rings at the top for a more professional look. I went for the casing since the curtains were for the bedroom. I am proud of my accomplishment and have left the machine out for immediate use.