Choosing to Be Healthier

Sometimes I step aside from political science, which normally frames the way I view the interactions in the world and the way governments work. There is nothing happening out there today which is not touched by political science. Well, may be some things aren’t. As I step aside so to speak, I am preoccupied with personal health. In this sphere, traditional political science does not apply. Here’s something I have to view from my perspective of who I am today and how I would like to be tomorrow. End of subject. No windy theorizing need enter the picture. I am only concerned with my personal politics on weight. What is ideal for me relative to my body fat index. It is a combination of the two figures that determines if you are “on track” to good health. There are charts galore that take your height, age, bone structure, etc. into consideration to determine where you should be to call yourself fit and healthy.

Going through all the ramifications of body fat and weight, I have come to the conclusion that I might have gained an unwanted pound or two and that I need to shed them posthaste. I am not one to say “tomorrow.” I also have come to the conclusion that I need to start an exercise program to awaken my body to a new state of being. I am choosing, as a citizen of my geographical state, to be healthier. I am electing to trim fat. I have an ally in my quest to return to my former perfection (which is so far back it could have been in college for all I remember). I have purchased a special digital scale that also had a body fat analyzer review along with weight. Since I look at it every day, there is no excuse for me to know where I stand at any given moment in time and if I have entered the no man’s zone. Then I have to set a goal and program the computer in the scale to let me know when I reach it. It will speak to me through my laptop and remind me of where I am on my journey. I hear it will even make a nice graph. If only the scale would speak, it would be a real life coach at my side. Actually, I think some of them do.

So let’s celebrate good health in this blog and one of the chief ways of assessing it: weight and body fat. Let’s applaud any effort to lose unwanted poundage in order to stave off the consequences. Let’s push diabetes, heart disease, and stroke far, far into an unknown future where they might not even take place. I will do anything and everything I can to live a long and happy life thanks to my decision to get healthy and lose weight now. It is not that I am an obsessive personality, mind you, just a practical soul who has physical ambitions to be in tip top form.