Why Study Political Science?

I can think of a myriad of reasons why everyone should take at least a course or two in political science, mostly because I truly believe everyone would benefit from the basic understanding of how their own government operates.However, I am writing this post under the assumptionthat you are at least considering political science as a major in a secondary education setting. You are reading this blog, after all.

To start, you will not be short on school choices. There are many liberal arts schools that offermajors or minors in Political Science, and you can achieve any length of degree you are looking for: Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate. At each of these degree levels, you will explore not just the government of your own country, but other nations as well. Topics covered may include public and foreign policies, voting analysis, terrorism, international relations, globalization and a host of other courses. Also, if you decide to move on to a different field of study after completing a two or four year program, you will find your transition to another program an easy one. Many students with a Bachelor’s in Political Science go on to law school, journalism programs, or any other field, and are very successful there.

The best part is that the skills you acquire throughout your time in school are transferable to almost any career field you are interested in exploring. Here are a few examples:

By studying historical events, political theory, and government figures with a critical and analytical eye, you will be sharpening your deductive reasoning skills, while learning from the mistakes of the past and the potential issues facing us in the future will engage your problem solving skills. You will be an asset to any troubleshooting meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Your research, oral, and writing skills will be put to the test to earn that diploma. There will be many, many research papers and debates during your years of academia. However, these communication skills will come in handy when you are giving presentations, writing memos, and doing employee evaluations. A well-spoken employee is always valued and it will be obvious to your future employer from day one that you know to express yourself in a professional and appropriate manner.

Your exposure to other cultures and other ways of thinking creates a level of tolerance and acceptance many others lack. This sociological background will give you the ability to work with different types of people who may have different beliefs or ways of doing things than you. Many companies are now international, and when you have a background on other governments and their regulations and cultures, you will have significant advantages in the job market.

For these reasons and many others, I truly hope that you will consider giving yourself a great head start on your future and choose political science as your field of study.